Can't remove directory

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Can't remove directory

Post by jjrowan » 2020/01/11 19:15:27

Had a problem on my server. Tried to rsync off the C 8 server to another device, that failed and ran the / volume out of disk space.
I cleaned up the disk problem.
Somehow the backup script created a folder off /mnt called ElmwoodPark but I can't access or remove it.
I tried rm -fr * from the /mnt directory, failed. I tried find . |xargs rm that failed as well.
Are there any other tools to remove this folder?
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Re: Can't remove directory

Post by alamahant » 2020/01/13 14:31:52

Please boot into a liveCD.
Mount the Centos8 root partition lets say in /mnt.
Then try:

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rm -rf /mnt/mnt/<name-of-your-dir>

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