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Which image to boot after upgrade?

Posted: 2019/12/30 01:59:11
by cybercitizen
I'm running CentOS 8 in a VB 6.1 VM on Windows 10. I created this VM recently, hoping to learn about CentOS administration. Today, I had a graphical notification in Gnome that system updates were available, so I installed them. After the upgrade, I have some questions I hope someone would be able to answer.

1) When I boot the VM, there are now more options available on the boot screen, and I'm not sure which option I'm supposed to select. Can someone please explain the differences between the first two options shown in the attached screenshot?
2) When the upgrade completed, the CentOS window became black and unresponsive. I powered it off and rebooted. I want to check in the installation logs to see if the upgrade completed successfully. No logs were written to /var/log/anaconda by installation of the upgrade. I checked /var/log/messages, but it was hard to discern information related to the upgrade. Is there a different place I can find logs for such upgrades?

CentOS boot options.png
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Re: Which image to boot after upgrade?

Posted: 2019/12/30 10:14:01
by TrevorH
Updates to the kernel are always installed in parallel so that the known-to-work last-but-one is still present and can be used for emergency use. The latest one is the default and is hte one that should be used.

If you are running under VirtualBox and have installed the vbox Guest Additions then you need to repeat that installation while running the newer kernel so that it rebuilds against the current one. This includes the video driver used so you may not have a working video until after you've done that.

Re: Which image to boot after upgrade?

Posted: 2019/12/31 17:16:41
by cybercitizen
Thanks for the reply, your help is appreciated. I can't tell from the information in the boot window which option is the latest version, and which is the previous. Can I assume that the first option shown in the list, that has more information about the version, is the latest? I was also wondering, which logs, if any are written, by this installation/upgrade?