How can I choose mouse-focus on my desktop ?

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How can I choose mouse-focus on my desktop ?

Post by adaviel » 2019/12/27 07:25:44

I've just installed CentOS 8 on a laptop after using CentOS 5,6 and skipping 7 except on servers.

So, various annoying changes to the desktop to get used to, or revert.

I've always used mouse-focus not click-focus (a window gets focus when I move the cursor over it, not when I click on it). How can I get that behaviour back ?

Other questions that probably deserve their own topic:
- how can I change the terminal lock behaviour or timeout (used to be in Xscreensaver I think ) ?
- is it possible to pin anything to the taskbar along with the wifi and sound icons etc. ? I.e. just click something instead of pulling up the activities menu.
- how can I get the terminal icon to spawn a new terminal instead of switching screens to an already running one ?
- how can I get a text console if the GUI has hung or slowed to a crawl ? Alt-F2 etc. don't seem to work

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Re: How can I choose mouse-focus on my desktop ?

Post by aks » 2019/12/30 06:40:24

Use tweaks -> Windows -> Focus on hover

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