Live CD Question

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Live CD Question

Post by battlenut » 2019/12/26 09:29:40

I have seen centOS around for a While I normally use Ubuntu or Linux Mint Cinnamon, Those are Debian. I have been wanting to give something from RedHat a try. I still have not found a specific distro that I want to stick with yet. How is the gaming Under centOS? How is driver support? Is there a live CD that I can boot up and play with centOS for a little while, every ISO I get is a direct install disc no live desktop. System Specs are as follows,
Ryzen 7 3700
Asrock Taichi X370
16GB Corsair DDR4-3200
Asrock RX 5700 XT
Crucial 500GB NVME
Samsung Evo 850 Sata SSD

All answers are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Live CD Question

Post by nouvo09 » 2019/12/29 22:25:35

Have you considered Fedora ?
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