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i3 window manager

Post by jdinis » 2019/12/02 12:21:44


Does anybody know if and when the i3 window manager (package i3) is going to be part of EPEL for Centos 8?

It is in Centos 7.
I started to compile it but got stuck at one of the dependencies.
I know I could just install Centos 7 but the 8 is working with the broadcom wifi chip (and that's something I don't want to mess with any more).


-- jdinis

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Re: i3 window manager

Post by TrevorH » 2019/12/02 13:09:54

No-one here knows any more about EPEL than you do :-( Best place to check is on bugzilla.redhat.com in the Fedora EPEL section. If no-one has already requested it to be built for el8 then do so.
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Re: i3 window manager

Post by jdinis » 2019/12/02 14:34:01

Hi TrevorH,

You're right. I went to bugzilla.redhat.com and someone has already put an issue on the subject.
So I guess it is just a matter of time.

Thanks for pointing that out. I'm new to CentOS and still in the process of knowing my way around.

-- jd

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Re: i3 window manager

Post by bonedome » 2019/12/02 22:20:01

Have you tried sway https://swaywm.org/ might need to build it yourself though https://nationpigeon.com/compiling-sway-on-fedora-29/
Must say I do like the look of it.

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