black screen blinking cursor

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black screen blinking cursor

Post by creyes » 2019/11/25 19:01:35

I am installing centos 8 1905 to a Hyper-v VM. when I finish the installation process and the system reboots it never reaches the GUI after that, it just hangs up on a black screen with a blinking cursor and does nothing after that. I am installing the server with GUI option. I managed to change the initial setup configuration to remove the quiet option so that it at least outputs some text for me to see what is going on. attached is the part where it just stays and does nothing more.
CentOs 8 blinking cursor.png
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Re: black screen blinking cursor

Post by tomhong » 2019/11/27 19:35:41

I had the same problem and finally installed C8 1905 Server with GUI on Hyper-V.

1. At the screen you showed, wait until the hard disk light is off or intermittently blinking.
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to bring up 2nd console and log in as root.
3. Type-in yum update.
4. reboot and you can finish rest of your installing as normal.

Hope it will help.

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