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No installation URLS work

Posted: 2019/11/06 15:58:59
by bebizzy
I have tried several methods of installing the software, both USB and via http. On all of them I get an "Error setting up base repository" message.

Am I missing something wrong by either downloading and creating a bootable USB key, which does not seem to include any installation files, or downloading from a source, which throws the error?

Re: No installation URLS work

Posted: 2019/11/06 17:16:57
by TrevorH
What iso file name did you download? There are only two of them for el8: one is the full DVD image which contains all packages and the other is a netinstall iso that contains no packages and requires a network connection to operate.

In common with previous releases, we recommend reading the CentOS wik USBinstall page and not using any of the tools marked in there are "Broken" especially unetbootin and (with certain options) rufus, both of which should be avoided. The best utility to transfer an iso image to a USB stick is good old dd as it doesn't even try to be clever and just writes what it's given.

If you do use the netinstall then you cannot use the "closest mirror" functionality as that does not work. You must point it to a mirror, preferably nearby, and to the 8.0.1905/BaseOS/x86_64/os/ path under that.

Re: No installation URLS work

Posted: 2019/11/10 18:51:24
by alex.theoto
It is known problem on both Centos 8 and Centos Stream netinstall iso's.
You can use the full iso to solve this error or you can use the ' ... epo=BaseOS' for the stream and ' ... epo=BaseOS' for the Centos 8 version.

Re: No installation URLS work

Posted: 2019/11/14 05:58:30
by tony_down_under
If you use the DVD iso, it does kind of work when you use the "closest mirror" but if you check the software selections after selecting closest mirror, it drops down to 3 main selections. Compare it to the DVD install using the local repo and there is much more to select from on the dvd.