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QT5-devel for CentOS 8

Posted: 2019/10/28 22:43:55
by jfha73
Hey guys,

I know there are not many -devel packages available for CentOS 8, so I have been using mock to create them, but when I was trying to install the newly created qt5-devel package I got from mock it asks for another packages that don't exist, like qt5-qtdeclarative-static and other -static that do not exist, so I looked for them and they are in CentOS 8 without the -static on them is there a reason for this or is this going to be solved so people can use qt5-devel? and quite possibly many other devel packages.


Re: QT5-devel for CentOS 8

Posted: 2019/10/28 23:11:52
by TrevorH
I don't think you have the PowerTools repo enabled. I would start over with that enabled and then see what you need to build.

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qt5-devel.noarch                   5.11.1-2.el8                  PowerTools     
I'd also suggest looking in epel-testing and epel-playground before you build anything you think is missing. There are many things in those, waiting to be used.