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Can't boot from fresh install

Posted: 2019/10/21 01:36:17
by sofuego
I have been unable to boot from a new install of CentOs 8. I get the following errors that occur whenever I start up the computer and prevent me from accessing the os.

Couldn't get size: 0x800000000000000e
MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list
mmc0: Unknown controller version (3). You may experience problems.

Independantly troubleshooting led me to believe it had something to do with Secure Boot, but the error is consistent whether it is enabled or disabled (and freshly installed on each variation)

Could the kernel have a compatibility bug like other distros have had in the past?

The laptop I am trying this from is a Serval WS from System 76 with:
Intel 5 GHz i9-9900K

The American Megatrends BIOS boot screen provides the following information:
ME FW Version:
MB Series: P7xxTM1
BIOS Version 1.05.25RSA2
KBC/EC Firmware Revision 1.05.03MI2

I've been stuck for a while and really would appreciate the help. Thanks!

Re: Can't boot from fresh install

Posted: 2019/11/02 17:19:38
by sofuego
Further looking into it. There seems to be a compatibility issue with this current (new) hardware. Customer support was even getting the same errors on similar hardware.

But that system was running Ubuntu 18 perfectly fine, so I'm thinking it has to the kernel. Anyone know what steps to take? How can one swap kernels before even being able to get into bash?

Re: Can't boot from fresh install

Posted: 2019/11/06 14:03:51
by sofuego

Finshing up this **apparent** one way conversation in case it helps anyone else with similar hardware :lol:

The error messages were irrelevant and the problem was with the NVIDIA driver. It seems that you can't do the same thing to get them running in CentOs8. It was an easy fix by adding a "3" after "quiet" in the grub menu (accessible by typing "e" during the kernel selction).

Then I used bash following this guide mostly: ... n-centos-8
But opting for the prebuilt drivers on RPMfusion instead.