Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

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Need CentOS 8 Minimal

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by KernelOops » 2019/10/01 09:36:05

I am in desperate need for a minimal ISO as well.

I work in poor and remote locations with little or no internet, that means there is no access to 6GB usb sticks or anything similar. Most USB sticks around here is 2GB. The current situation is causing a lot of trouble, but I understand in the Western world, with stable internet connections you don't really see a problem with downloading or distributing 6GB of data.

I hope the CentOS team reconsiders their decision to remove the minimal ISO image.

Thank you.
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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by toffe » 2019/10/02 12:57:05

I'm on KernelOops side, we need a core-only version. There is no need for 6gb in most installations. Please create a minimal version or supply us with details on how to make it ourself :)

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by centminmod » 2019/10/02 13:25:16

CentOS 8 issue tracker for minimal ISO image request
It is being considered. See If/once it is done, those will be announced in the usual places.

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by gokhanp » 2019/10/07 22:10:40

I tried to create a bash script to achieve a minimal ISO based on one of the official CentOS images (boot or dvd1).
I hope it helps for whom wants to speed up their processes by installing some extra packages along with OS like me.

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by toffe » 2019/10/08 14:23:56

I love how you created a bash script to do something that they have this text on:

"They are under discussion and will depend largely on how difficult it is." - How difficult? Seems like someone did the job already. Now just release a original based on that! hehe :)

Quote from their FAQ:

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by Nerigal » 2019/11/27 13:30:17

ive been using CentOS the past 15 years and as a clean server install, i use kickstart to deploy and install the servers with a bare minimum package to maintain so the funky fancy UI totally useless to me and as no purpose on a server base OS.

Not having a strict minimal iso make no sense.

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by beerhat » 2020/01/18 04:06:06

Just, wow. really? +1 for a minimal iso. LESS IS MORE fellas!

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by j2sw » 2020/01/20 09:17:36

Yet another vote for the minimal iSO

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by maloupi » 2020/01/20 09:39:32

One of the purpose of Centos is for server install, no ? or i missed something ?
A minimal iso to install servers should be mandatory, not "maybe one day, if it's raining but not too much..."
Some people like gokhanp (3 messages ahead) proposed a solution (thanks) since several months.
Why not using this (or ask him help) for the official iso ?
I initially thought it would be good for centos 8.1. I really thanks all peoples making Centos for their great works ! I do not have the skills to do this but it seems it is not a difficult task compared to others and it was already done for previous major version of Centos.

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Re: Minimal ISO for CentOS 8

Post by rpyne » 2020/01/21 19:34:45

A minimal install ISO is absolutely needed. I switched to CentOS years ago because of the ability to install a minimal headless server on remote hardware without a graphical interface.

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