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CentOS 8 repository organization

Posted: 2019/09/25 05:34:34
by gulikoza

How is the CentOS8 repository organized. I see that both BaseOS and AppStream have 2 subdirectories for each arch: os and kickstart. What is the purpose of the kickstart directory?

BaseOS/x86_64/kickstart/Packages seems to have some basic set of packages, could this list be used to create a "minimal ISO" since the official media now only has full DVD and Boot images? I rather liked the minimal ISO... :)

Re: CentOS 8 repository organization

Posted: 2019/09/25 13:21:06
by gulikoza
Copying a response from the devel mailing list:

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I have a todo item to explain this a little bit better on the wiki.

Basically the problem is, starting on Day 1 we have the os/ repository populated with GA packages *and* updates (0-day updates and those that came in while we were in the middle of the build process). os/ will continue to receive updates.

If you use the os/ repository, your install will use those updates as part of the install, but some folks would prefer to install using GA content, and perform updates later. That's where the kickstart/ repo comes in. 

The kickstart/ repository is a snapshot of GA content, and will not change until upstream does another point-release.


Brian Stinson
So, if I understand this correctly, there will be no updates repo anymore, instead base will also have the updates and kickstart will have the original base packages.