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CentOS Stream Question

Post by nixuser58 » 2019/09/25 03:31:45

I understand CentOS Stream is a rolling release, but is it rolling just within a major version number only, or will CentOS Stream 8.x eventually update to 9.x?

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Re: CentOS Stream Question

Post by TrevorH » 2019/09/25 20:22:31

I do not think it will auto-update to 9 but we'll find out for sure in about 3 years!

I asked earlier if it would reset at each point release but the plan is that changes made in Stream 8.0 will only get pulled from Stream if they are subsequently integrated into a future RHEL 8.x.
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Re: CentOS Stream Question

Post by toracat » 2019/09/27 06:49:21

See also CentOS-8 FAQ.
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