Help needed with software selection for install

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Help needed with software selection for install

Post by AFK_Matrix » 2021/05/13 13:42:30

Hi there,

So I used to install CentOS 6.4 on stand-alone PCs but have now had to move to CentOS 8. And I am a little confused on what to do for software selection.

This is the usual options I picked for CentOS 6.4 and if anyone can help me on what I should pick for CentOS 8 that would be great:

Selected following elements in addition to default options.
Applications : Emacs, Graphics Creation tools added
Base System : Compatibility Libraries, Hardware Monitoring, Large Systems Performance,
Legacy UNIX, Networking tools, Performance Tools, Perl, Scientific Support
Database : None
Desktops : KDE Desktop
Development : Additional Development, Desktop Platform Development, Development Tools
High Availablility : none
Languages : English (UK) Support
Load Balancer : None
Resilient Storage : None
Scalable Filesystem Support : None
Servers : NFS file server, system administration tools
System Management : None
Virtualisation : None
Web Services : None

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Re: Help needed with software selection for install

Post by jlehtone » 2021/05/13 14:57:19

It does not really matter what you select during installation because everything (and more) you can install later too.

The options you see in installer are "dnf environment groups". Installing an "environment group" installs some "groups". Installing some "group" installs packages. The "groups" are thus lists of some packages.

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