Where is CentOS 9 Stream?

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Where is CentOS 9 Stream?

Post by organicchemistry_01 » 2021/05/12 19:52:26

In the announcement it was said that it will be available on 2nd Quarter, now 2nd Quarter is almost over. Where to get CentOS 9 Stream?

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Re: Where is CentOS 9 Stream?

Post by Mike_Rochefort » 2021/05/13 01:08:49

CentOS 9 Stream's build infrastructure has recently gone public:

https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/cent ... 76772.html

You can also view the daily distribution composes (including ISOs) on the compose service:

https://composes.stream.centos.org/test ... se/BaseOS/

Keep in mind this is _very_ pre-alpha work. The packages are signed and repos don't exist, so you'll need to use the ISO media I believe for post-install packages (or create your own repo pointing to the rolling compose structure until an actual alpha or beta is released.

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