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TEE subsystem

Posted: 2022/01/12 07:24:33
by mania
Hi, Tee subsystem is enable by default or should be configured?
how can I use this functionality?


Posted: 2022/01/12 10:47:02
by mania
Considering CVE-2021-44733 in which tell about Tee vulnerability, How can I check that Tee system is not running in my OS?
I have read RedHat description about this vulnerability, but I need to ensure that Tee is not running in my server

Re: CVE-2021-44733

Posted: 2022/01/12 13:30:56
by jlehtone shows
Platform Package State Errata Release Date
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel Not affected
CentOS Linux 7 has effectively same kernel as RHEL 7.
Red Hat says: "Not affected". That is: kernel of CentOS Linux 7 does not have this vulnerability (whether it has tee or not).