Lock down of xrdp

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Lock down of xrdp

Post by Mart » 2020/04/06 14:39:41

Hi all.

newbie here so hopefully I'll try my best not to miss anything out :oops:

been using Centre 7 for few weeks now and I'm trying to lock down the use of xrdp by means of IP address
I have modified the xrdp.ini to read -

#port= 8888

I then opened opened port 8888 via firewalld and then added a rich rule to port 8888 to reject any other ip apart from the one listed within the rule.
rebooted the server and then opened a VPN to obtain a new ip. RDP across using Windows 10 and for some reason I can still make a connection and login. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong or what I have missed out? thanks :)

Kind regards

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Re: Lock down of xrdp

Post by TrevorH » 2020/04/06 14:56:13

If you added those lines as-is with the # sign at the start, they are comments and do nothing.
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Re: Lock down of xrdp

Post by Mart » 2020/04/06 19:37:15

If it was that easy.. :) No I rem then out when I found it wasn't working - I can't see why it can't work, if I'm setting the port and opening that port?

It seems that every time I set the port to 8888 and try to login I get this error :-

VNC started connecting
VNC Connecting to 8888
VNC error - problem connecting
same problem

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