Log alerts at crash instants

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Log alerts at crash instants

Post by celikozl » 2020/02/17 15:09:12


We've configured a syslog server and remote access on Centos 7. What we would like to do is to be notified when there is a system froze or breakdown. How can we accomplish that?

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Re: Log alerts at crash instants

Post by KernelOops » 2020/02/17 16:17:15

You mean to monitor the logs on the syslog server and receive alerts based on events? This can be accomplished by software like:

fluentd https://www.fluentd.org/
icinga2 https://icinga.com/

I'm using icinga2 with great success, you can create all sorts of monitoring plugins, for parsing logs, regular expressions, etc. Fluentd is a bit more involved, it can merge all logs into a single database, filter, parse and output results to various data outputs. Of course, both are open source.
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