Server securities.

Support for security such as Firewalls and securing linux
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Server securities.

Post by mctesy » 2019/07/02 14:36:18

Hello all I'm new to handling a server all I was trying to do an experiment on my server currently I was able to install LAMP, ssh, lets encrypt, fail2ban on my current server. I'm running a Centos Version 7.5, DO Droplet specs, Ram 1gb, 1vCPU, 25gb, I would like to know more how can I make it more secure in terms of malicious attacks? Thanks

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Re: Server securities.

Post by soushiant » 2019/07/03 09:10:23

You can enable the default Centos firewall: " ... -centos-7/"
And for a pessimistic setting, you can change the active zone to "drop" which blocks all UDP, ICMP floods as well as TCP SYNfloods.

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Re: Server securities.

Post by tunk » 2019/07/03 10:08:27

Run yum update to get 7.6.

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