AWS Centos7 Key refused

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AWS Centos7 Key refused

Post by yutunghe » 2019/02/03 07:40:58

Hi community.
I have purchased a RI of t2.medium Instance a few days ago.
I launched the instance and followed most of the steps in
to install directadmin. (I didn't follow the steps in "Open ports for FTP" session)
However, My key doesn't work anymore after I finished the installation.
I thought that maybe i made some mistakes. So i delete the instance and relaunch again.
But the same problem still comes up.

So frustrated, now i can only ask here and hope to get some help.

Thank you.

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Re: AWS Centos7 Key refused

Post by TrevorH » 2019/02/03 14:20:13

We don't support any control panels here and it sounds to me like this is as a direct result of installing directadmin. You need to ask them about it.
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