SSL Certificate installation

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SSL Certificate installation

Post by flogadob » 2019/01/17 10:20:21

Hi everyone,

im a newbie, so thought id post on this forum as Google Searches arent really helping me.

So im playing around with Centos7, the latest version, trying to setup an asset managment system for work. Our ISP has us going through a proxy server and we have to install an SSL certificate on any device that wants internet access.

can anyone talk me through how to do this, Google searches only seem to provide information on requesting a certificate and then installing it (when creating your own web server) or creating a self signed one. I dont need to request one, i have one that i just need to transfer to the VM and then place it in the trusted root store, or the Linux equivalent and tell the VM to use that certificate.

Im running the VM on a server 2012 hyper-V host (no idea if thats relevant)

any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Re: SSL Certificate installation

Post by TrevorH » 2019/01/17 10:23:49

This doesn't make much sense. Why would you need an SSL certificate to get internet access? What is it for? Why?

Sounds more like they want to man-in-the-middle your traffic and decrypt it to me. I'd be suspicious.
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Re: SSL Certificate installation

Post by hunter86_bg » 2019/01/25 10:16:28

Most probably they use a proxy that will cache and maybe filter.

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Re: SSL Certificate installation

Post by tyler2016 » 2019/02/07 16:38:11

Are they asking you to authenticate with a client certificate or trust a CA cert. The former shouldn't be a problem, but the latter sounds like a MiTM attack.

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