Hardening CentOS 7

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Re: Hardening CentOS 7

Post by gerald_clark » 2017/08/23 02:44:53

Disabling root is a bad idea.
You may need it when all other routes to management fail.

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Re: Hardening CentOS 7

Post by N8tiv » 2017/08/23 03:09:50

gerald_clark wrote:Disabling root is a bad idea.
You may need it when all other routes to management fail.
Okay, the next thing I was thinking about… I'm taking a break from reading this article:
https://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/OS_Prote ... 9664962622

The only thing I've done so far is:
  • changed the password to root
    created a new user into the root privileges "wheel" section
    yum update
    yum epel-release
Is it too late, probably not… But how much work is it to have root & the new user I created on to their own partitions? Or is that a level of security I really don't need?

The article above mentions, creating new partitions to have more of a granular control of permissions and securities.

I'm definitely going to create keys for the root user and the new user I just created requiring a passphrase… I know I want that much security, but… I'm not really THAT paranoid, unless I need to be… :-)

I would like to limit root, as much as possible though… Kind of making it, so the new user I've created is the only one who has complete control of my system besides root…

Thanks for any feedback/advice in advance,


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