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Root Password

Posted: 2015/08/11 06:22:36
by njoroge
Hi Gurus,
I installed the system and was requested to input password which i did. After completion of installation i was requested to create a user and password. My problem is whenever i want to do administrative function like creating users and groups; i can't use root (super user) since i don't have a password. i still have the password i gave for super user. Does it mean there is a special password for root? How do i access it and change it.


Re: Root Password

Posted: 2015/08/11 08:18:36
by MartinR
Unless I've misunderstood you, the first password you entered for "super user" is the root password. Root is the account name, super user is a description.

Re: Root Password

Posted: 2015/11/03 05:17:47
by peterwkc
During the installation, you was asked for the root (superuser) password.

You may change the password using passwd command.