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How to implement and configure MLS (BLP model) in SELinux?

Posted: 2015/04/17 06:35:00
by bungong
Hi, I'm new to unix administration. Please don't blame me asking anything stupid.
I'm currently studying about bell-lapadula model for my research and I need to implementation it as a simple example. I want to implement a simple BLP model using SELinux on my virtual machine Centos. In my research, I have 4 user, which represent four levels of security (Top Secret, Secret, Unclassified, Public) and each user has their own folder. I just want to know how to enable MLS in SELinux, set the BLP rules in SELinux?

Before, I use this reference ... linux.html. But in the last step, I always failed to access root, maybe you can help me.. or you have a specific reference to me learn it? Just a simple example maybe? thx