Security Bios remote Access.

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Security Bios remote Access.

Post by j.bru » 2015/02/10 20:40:02

hi all, I am writing in the sec. Because that comes with Sec.
Needs information on the centos Bios update.
if the update the bios on centos possible? then how to set the lock brekpoint network "backdoor" in the Bios.
all on centos.
my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L40.

thanks for the suggestions. :roll:

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Re: Security Bios remote Access.

Post by aks » 2015/02/12 20:23:10

Short answer: No.

Toshiba does not support updating the BIOS through Linux. Others have worked out how to do this and it's a bit risky, but that was not was what was asked.

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