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User Setup

Post by NimrodHunter » 2015/01/24 20:53:54


I was hoping some can help me.

I am trying to setup an account that has root privileges but does not have a shell that a normal user can sudo -u to and run a command as themselves for tracking purposes.

What I have is a user called

sysacct1 /sbin/nologin

in the sudoers file I have

sysacct1 ALL=(ALL) ALL

When I log in as user ... i would like them to sudo -u sysacct1 yum install (package) ... then they have to enter their own password

I am trying to limit the permissions of the user and force them to sudo to an "system" account who has access to perform tasks, but utilize their own credentials.

Can anyone help in this?


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Re: User Setup

Post by gerald_clark » 2015/01/24 23:22:31

Just use sudo and only allow the normal user to run specific programs.
The nologin system account is pointless.

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