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Post by ctnsailor » 2014/07/09 12:42:18

Hi There

Where can I find more documentation on Firewalld. My need is to only allow connection to designated ports from allowed hosts.

Basically need to allow only certain source addresses. Do I create a custom zone with the allowed addresses?


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Re: Firewalld

Post by avij » 2014/07/09 23:13:16

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Re: Firewalld

Post by Super Jamie » 2014/07/10 07:39:29

FirewallD uses the concept of Zones, and allows Services into those Zones.

A Zone contains NetworkManager Connections.

A Service consists of a Port, Destination Address (optional), and Netfilter Helper (optional).

Assuming all your NetworkManager Connections are in the default Zone, you just need to create Services and allow those Services into the default Zone.

The RHEL doc is pretty good, though it does have a few inaccuracies. The Fedora wiki is a little bit incomplete and outdated. Personally I find man firewall-cmd to be the best resource at the moment.

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