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Post by vvprasadj » 2023/09/15 08:07:06

Does the fix for CVE-2023-3899 already available for CentOS?
If so what is the rpm version exact name?
I have python-syspurpose-1.24.52-2.el7.centos.x86_64 installed, but some scanner tools reporting this as vulnerability.

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Re: CVE-2023-3899

Post by jlehtone » 2023/09/15 10:14:43

The rpm -q --changelog python-syspurpose | grep -i cve shows nothing,
but rpm -qi python-syspurpose tells:

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Version     : 1.24.52
Release     : 2.el7.centos
Build Date  : Wed 23 Aug 2023
The shows that Red Hat has released
Tue 22 Aug 2023 errata that includes package python-syspurpose-1.24.52-2.el7_9.

Version "1.24.52-2" of package built after RHEL 7 version "1.24.52-2" was released
is very likely equivalent content, i.e. with a fix included.

The latest changelog entry in the CentOS version of the package is after all:

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* Tue Aug 08 2023 Jiri Hnidek <> 1.24.52-2
- 2229752: Fix D-Bus policy (
and the CVE-2023-3899 is about D-Bus.

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