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Issue with wireless tab

Posted: 2022/04/28 09:36:50
by farmer2
Hi, the wireless tab is inactive, so I made a little search and looks like I need to download a wireless firmware, I have an old pc, a Lenovo X230, I can't really find what wireless firmware is installed on it, I made this screenshot of my device manager in Windows:
I don't know which one is the wireless firmware, by the way if I get to find the firmware will I have to installed it manually ? has I can't download it with a "yum install" command because the Centos box does not have internet connection.

Re: Issue with wireless tab

Posted: 2022/04/28 16:27:59
by TrevorH
What does rpm -q NetworkManager-wifi say? Is it installed? If not then install it from the DVD (aka iso image you did the install from).