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speed reduction in pppoe

Posted: 2021/08/29 23:27:39
by houmancnd
I have fiber 1000 mbps
when centos is connected by dhcp to fiber model the speed is 1000 mbps but when i use pppoe to get valid ip for linux server the speed drops to 150 bmps
please help to get the high speed on pppoe or another way to get high speed while having valid dynamic ip address from my isp

Houman Zarkesh

Re: speed reduction in pppoe

Posted: 2021/08/30 09:54:12
by TrevorH
You are measuring those speeds in the same units and not confusing e.g. 1200Mbps with 150MB/s? The first sounds 8 times larger than the second...

Re: speed reduction in pppoe

Posted: 2021/08/31 13:37:59
by houmancnd
my fiber is 1000 mbps which 100 MB/S
pppoe in linux gets me 150 mbps which is 1.5 MB/S
there is something wrong with PPPOE in CENTOS