Network connectivity with Hyper-v

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Network connectivity with Hyper-v

Post by cbscholl » 2020/09/02 20:52:00

I have been trying to set up CentOS on a hyper-v vm on a Windows 10 host. I am trying to set up two Ethernet ports with static ip address. I have two usb to Ethernet adapters on the host machine because I have to connect to two different physical networks. I have set up two virtual switches, one for each adapter and then two internet connections, one to each switch. One set to eth0 and the other to eth1, When I first set it up it worked but then it stopped.
The eth1 shows that it is connected but I can not ping out nor receive anything sent from the network. At this point I do not have eth0 connected to the other network so it is not showing connected.
So far I have been using the GUI rather than text commands.
In the process I have disable and re-enabled the Hyper-V program, have uninstalled and reinstalled the virtual switched and Ethernet connections. The Ethernet ports in the host machine are showing setup for Hyper-v and are showing incoming traffic but not outgoing. I cannot ping the static port from the network. I do not doing anything other than rebooting when they stopped working.
Any suggestions or troubleshooting ideas would be welcome. Barney

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