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Use a different driver for wireless card?

Posted: 2020/05/07 22:24:18
by Hss100
Hi. I'm trying to figure out how to get my system to use a different driver for the wireless card but not having much luck. Is there a walkthrough or something somewhere? I've done dozens of searches but not finding an answer on how to just switch drivers.

From my other post, I'm seeing lots of network lag and someone suggested using the actual driver supplied by Asus instead the generic one from CentOS. I have the ucode file from Asus and moved it to the /lib/firmware directory but not sure what to do from here.

Guessing it might be something with modprobe? Or do I need to somehow build a new module from the ucode file from Asus? I've been digging around and trying some things and it appears that the Asus driver isn't loaded along with all the others (modinfo iwlwifi | grep iwlwifi)

EDIT: It does appear that theres a similar driver out there already but its newer than the one Asus supplies. I wonder if theres a particular reason they want to use the older one?

modinfo iwlwifi | grep 9260
firmware: iwlwifi-9260-th-b0-jf-b0-46.ucode

The one they supply is iwlwifi-9260-th-b0-jf-b0-34.ucode


Re: Use a different driver for wireless card?

Posted: 2020/05/08 04:30:40
by Hss100
I think I may have figured it out.

I needed to disable Power Management on the wireless card.

I installed wireless-tools.

yum install wireless-tools

That added the iwconfig command. With that, I was able to disable Power Management on the wifi card.

iwconfig wlp6s0 power off

WAY better than before. I still get the occasional ping spike but its a lot better. Before it was usually like every 5th or 6th ping would spike. Now its like every 20th and its not as high. It was sometimes as high as 60 before. Now its in the teens.

I don't even notice it when typing anymore.

Now I need to figure out how to make it permanent. :roll: It goes back to Power Management on after a reboot.