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Setting a static IP address

Posted: 2020/04/29 06:39:10
by anaigini

I have setup a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation Player 15 Player, and the OS in it is CentOS 7.
The problem I face now is that I am using home wifi for the Internet connection, and the BOOTPROTO is dhcp.
Is it possible to set or use a permanent/static IP address for the VM? If so pls advise the steps to do so.
This is important because I am setting up a website, and need the IP to be stable, instead of always changing.


Re: Setting a static IP address

Posted: 2020/04/29 11:34:00
by jlehtone
That is more than one issue.
  • DHCP and persistent IP address are not mutually exclusive. I set my DHCP server to hand out persistent addresses.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) == router == WAP --- host = VMWare == guest.
    Who is the DHCP server for the guest? VMWare, router, or ISP? Can that server set to give "static lease"?
  • ISP gives IP address for the router's "WAN-port". That is either static or dynamic. ISP's choice.
  • Is the actual problem that you would like to set a port-forwarding on the router?
  • Does VMWare put guest in the same subnet as router, or does host act as router between them?