How to connect the Virtual Machines together

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Re: How to connect the Virtual Machines together

Post by jlehtone » 2020/04/14 18:33:01

I'm not sure when libvirt or virt-manager (re)reads what interfaces/resources the host has. That can affect when changes become visible.

I don't use NetworkManager GUI, but when you did create a Bridge, didn't you select a "NIC" that is attached to it? Can you do the same without selecting any "subdevice"?

It is possible to have a Bridge that has no "legs", no IP address, etc.

Does the host need an IP address on the WAN subnet?
If not, then it should not have any on the bridge-WAN (or its legs).
Better yet, no bridge at all and the en* device directly attached to the "Firewall VM".

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