Missing port after doing "sudo fuser -k [port]/tcp"

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Missing port after doing "sudo fuser -k [port]/tcp"

Post by Carina » 2020/01/29 02:06:42

I'm a newbie and just using centOS for very first time, here's the problem i'm facing currently (Sorry for my bad english also).

I'm trying to kill the process of a port (let's say it's 8888), but the port seems disappear after i did "sudo fuser -k 8888/tcp" command (It's not exist when I'm doing "sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN").

For the problem, I seems can't start Apache service and can't access localhost project (but phpmyadmin still accessible ).
I did these command to get back the port 8888 :
1. firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=8888/tcp
2. firewall-cmd --complete-reload
3. firewall-cmd --list-all

But seems open port only doesn't help me to solve the problem, wonder if I need to do something else.

Wonder if anyone ever met this kind of problem? please kindly drop any suggestion, thank you.
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Re: Missing port after doing "sudo fuser -k [port]/tcp"

Post by TrevorH » 2020/01/29 11:49:02

We do not support xampp at all. We prefer that you use the packages that CentOS ships and not overwrite them with foreign ones.

Adjusting the firewall does not have any influence or effect over what ports are open and listening. The firewall merely stops people from outside connecting to those ports and since you are coming from localhost, the firewall is not involved in any way.

Also, in your pic of your web browser, you have no port in the URL - i.e. you have localhost/dashboard_web_1/login.php when you should have localhost:8888/...
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