id active directory group

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id active directory group

Post by daye1997 » 2020/01/21 03:11:50


I have joined the Windows Active Directory for Centos 7. Now it is a member of the AD. I can use id to find the AD user information on the CentOs.

such as id user1, it will list this AD user information, How can I use id to list AD group info, such as id research ( research is AD group name).

I need to know the format of the group on linux so I can add that to the smb.conf valid user list

I can add AD users

user1, user2

valid users = user1, user2

but I can not add AD groups like:

Thank you.

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Re: id active directory group

Post by hunter86_bg » 2020/01/21 15:41:32

What is the output of :

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