network issue crashes centos7

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network issue crashes centos7

Post by JPDoc » 2020/01/09 11:00:44

Hi All

I've spent that last week or installing centos7 onto my win10 Dell Precision m6800 laptop. There were some issues with networking drivers and hardware which, with the much appreciated help of TrevorH, I thought I'd resolved, as per these posts -


I now find I spoke too soon. Where I left it at the last of the previous topic was that I had both wireless and wifi turned on, but the wireless seemed to be the one being used (transfer speeds were much higher than was possible for wifi) which was working fine for me. Unfortunately when I rebooted I found I once again had no network connectivity even though both wired and wifi came up as "on" in the network manager gui.

I tried turning off the wifi and pinging a local server which produced no change, still no connection. I then turned the wifi on and turned the wired off, with the ping command ticking over in a terminal. I could see that the ping suddenly could see the server but after one successful ping the whole gui froze, browser and all.

Nothing responded so after waiting a bit I did a hard reboot. But I then found that centos7 now wouldn't boot at all, it hung at the end of the boot sequence and never brought up the login screen.

So I booted into win10 and the win 10 system did a disk cleanup on one of the partitions (hard to tell which one as the numbering it used was greek to me, but I'm presuming it was the linux partition). After the cleanup I could boot into centos again, and this time I again had network connectivity at wired speeds, with both the wired and wireless network reporting as "on".

This sequence has happened a few times and I'm concerned about what appears to be disc corruption, presumably by the drivers in use? The hardware in the machine is detailed in the previous post (intel l217 wired and Broadcom wireless, also a brand new samsung evo 860 SSD so I know the drive is ok) as well as the procedures I went through to get them working.

Also, and perhaps not relevant but I'll mention it anyway - after centos boots I get occasional bursts of loud static in the laptop speakers. I think it roughly corresponds to using the network but this may be my imagination, could be random.

Any thoughts as to how I might track this down and resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

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