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ECMP static route

Posted: 2020/01/01 12:49:12
by TheDeaf
Hi everyone,
long story short, i wanna add default static route with high metric that will use 2 different NICs in order to achieve load-balancing between these interfaces(ECMP).
right now the following command is working fine:
ip route [replace/add] default proto static metric 200 scope global \
nexthop dev eno1 via x.x.x.x weight 200 \
nexthop dev eno2 via y.y.y.y weight 200
but i wanna make it permanent, i cant use the route file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts because each file belongs to specific interface and i wanna set to that particular route high metric(we have another routes that we change the metrics for them on demand).
any ideas how can i achieve that elegantly?
right now we are using rc.local script but its not very elegant and has its own caveats.
Thanks !!