Internal DNS

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Internal DNS

Post by joecarmon » 2019/11/29 00:33:43

I have an internal server I need to access from both internal and external DNS entries. The issue I am having is after making the entries in the Internal bind server and restarting the returned IP address is still the external IP address. I have set Bind up as the authoritative server. Any idea how to accomplish this? I know it can be done.

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Re: Internal DNS

Post by jlehtone » 2019/11/29 07:08:19

Your description of what you have is ambiguous or lacking.

Think of home LAN that has only PC and router. The PC is "internal server".
The WAN can access the PC only if they contact the WAN-side of the router and the router forwards traffic from outside to the PC.

The router has two IPv4 addresses: on LAN and on WAN. It (might) has two FQDN too: one on LAN and one on WAN.

Is your internal server like that PC?

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