Move Sendmail Installation to an new server

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Move Sendmail Installation to an new server

Post by maze-m » 2019/10/23 20:35:06


We've an old Server on which Debian 4 is running and I've the task to move it to an new server. The server is running on an LXC-Zone on SmartOS.

It's an Sendmail-Installation, from which the hole configuration is under /etc/mail which I've migrated to the new server.

Under /home are thousands of post-boxes from our customers which I've to migrate also. I've found this article to migrate /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group and /etc/gshadow ---> ... ux-server/ but I'm not sure if this works for me.

I also have the problem that under /home/<user> are a lot of home-directorys with an .forward-file in it to forward the Mails to another server.
How can I find out which users have to get forwarded and which won't be forwarded?

Thanks for your help and with best regards,


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