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Issues with forward lookup zone

Posted: 2019/10/20 23:50:23
by drkchen
Hi all!
I'm attempting to create a forward lookup zone for
Using will not work however when I use it will work
Is there any solution or explanation to this?

Re: Issues with forward lookup zone

Posted: 2019/11/15 21:52:22
by KernelOops
I am not sure I understand your question, do you want to add antartica to (eg, or to (eg

from what I remember, your subdomain records must follow the $ORIGIN domain.

for example, the doman earth.ops could be:

Code: Select all

$ORIGIN earth.ops.
@			IN	A
mail			IN	A
www		IN	A

@			IN	A
continents	IN	A
Note, how the ending dot plays an important role, in subdomains there is no ending dot. Also note that I'm using @ substitution.