centos and mysql Deprecation notice errors

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centos and mysql Deprecation notice errors

Post by ozgurgunes » 2019/10/10 16:19:28

Hello friends. I installed centos 7 and vestacp panel on my vps server. but I got various errors in phpmyadmin. these were usually a large number of Deprecation Notice. unable to cope with these error messages and i had to install ubuntu server.

the site is

at the moment I am running ubuntu server and i have no problems with phpMyAdmin. but I still want to use centos.

do you think these error messages are caused by centos or the panel used?

what should I do about it? and how should I move to centos without phpmyadmin error?

Thank you

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Re: centos and mysql Deprecation notice errors

Post by TrevorH » 2019/10/10 16:35:29

We don't support ANY panels. Almost without exception they replace varying proportions of the CentOS supplied packages with their own. Any errors that you get when running a panel on the machine need to be reported to the panel authors as we will not support those machines at all.
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