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SOLVED: dhcrelay - IPv6

Posted: 2019/08/12 09:12:22
by meluvalli

I have setup DHCP Relay agent and have an IPv6 DHCP server running on a different system.

It appears DHCP Relay is working, however, my clients don't get a gateway for IPv6 address. If I set the Gateway manually on the clients, then IPv6 fully works.

How do I get the DHCPRelay agent to broadcast the gateway? I know for IPv6 this has to be done at the "Router/Gateway" level, and I'm using CentOS 7 as my Gateway.

I treid adding option 0021 (Gateway) to my DHCPv6 server, but it's ignored.

Any thoughts?

eth0: WAN (IPv6 DHCP)
eth1: LAN (IPv6 Static IP)

Re: dhcrelay - IPv6

Posted: 2019/08/14 08:07:40
by meluvalli

HAHA! Forgot to configure radvd!!!! My fault!

Solved :)