Latest Samba File Sharing Fails On Newest CentOS

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Latest Samba File Sharing Fails On Newest CentOS

Post by webwarriortx » 2019/08/11 20:25:09


After a hard drive failure, I had to install CentOS on a new hard drive. A scan by various devices over the LAN, Android phones and tablets, and even those powered by windows 10 and linux shows that my server exists, but valid users with valid passwords are refused access to home directories and other SMB services. For testing purposes, I even allowed anonymous access, but that didn't work either.
Here is my /etc/samba/smb.conf:

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		cups options = raw
		load printers = yes
		printing = cups
		workgroup = REEDCOM
		os level = 20
		null passwords = yes
		printcap name = cups
		security = user # Valid users should be able to login!

		create mask = 0700
		directory mask = 0700
		comment = Home Directories
		valid users = %S
		writable = yes

		guest ok = no
		comment = All Printers
		printable = ye
		writable = no
		path = /var/spool/samba 
I used a gui called WebMin, but I know how to hack the file directly using a text editor, so I really don't understand why Samba refuses my passwords when smb.conf seem to be set up correctly. Help!

Thanks in advance

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Re: Latest Samba File Sharing Fails On Newest CentOS

Post by bluegroper » 2019/08/17 12:24:23

IIRC samba has a utility called smbpasswd that creates the file of samba usernames/passwords.
I dunno if this solves your problem.
I'm not a complete idiot. There's still a few pieces missing.

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