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Rockscluster setup... Network is unreachable

Posted: 2019/04/02 15:23:59
by Stu255
Hi guys,
I am setting up the front end for a small cluster using rockscluster, the guides to do this are great but a little light on the network setup.
So having a few issues with networks.

My Front End is a virtual machine running CentOS in Oracle VMBox. Front ends have 2x network cards and I have bridged these to the networks cards on the host. One network card is a wireless wifi card that is connected to my router and the internet beyond. The other network card is ethernet that is connected to a 48 port switch with 32 nodes connected.

OK, in Firefox I can see both the admin menu on my network switch at the heart of my cluster, and I can see my public router admin menu and I can see the internet beyond.

But Rocks doesn't recognize my Front End as a front end and in the terminal I can't seem to ping any of my cluster nodes, even though they are connected via ethernet switch to my front end, also in my terminal I cannot simple things like

yum install net-tools
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I'm pretty sure there are a couple of network issues at the bottom of this problem, so any guidance greatly appreciated. is not my gateway, so not sure why yum is going through that route.
Looks like Rocks has preset this as I am in the middle of a cluster build. But with that in mind, why can't I ping any of my nodes?

Happy to share any screen shots, etc and will be online for a while.

Re: Rockscluster setup... Network is unreachable

Posted: 2019/04/02 15:27:48
by TrevorH
You need to ask the "Rocks" people about this. Rocks is not CentOS.