Connection problems.

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Connection problems.

Post by tkill » 2019/03/25 12:32:03

Can anyone help me solve this providing the comands used?

Accessing a remote service
In this challenge, you will propose a way to access a service running on a remotely blocked port.

Consider the architecture proposed on the figure below:

Client A --------------------SSH---------------Server A------------------SSH----------------ServerB

The only allowed connection between Client A and Server A is via SSH. The only allowed connection between Server A and Server B is via SSH.

We need to access, from Client A and using HTTP, a service running on port 8000 of Server B.


There is a service running on port 8000 of Server A.

Both client and servers run CentOS 7 without X.

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Re: Connection problems.

Post by TrevorH » 2019/03/25 16:26:13

This sounds like a homework question and I do not think we should be doing that for you.
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