what to do when downloading CentOs7?

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what to do when downloading CentOs7?

Post by samuelgordon » 2021/11/17 13:00:18

I bought a new computer for work. I downloaded Centos7, it's fine. However, when setting up DHCP, it gives an error that there is not enough cache data to continue. I don't know much about Linux yet. Please help me with this problem.

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Re: what to do when downloading CentOs7?

Post by BShT » 2021/11/17 13:55:28

it who gives an error? setting up dhcp where?

are you installing? Configuring after installing? dhcp? dhcpd?

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Re: what to do when downloading CentOs7?

Post by TrevorH » 2021/11/17 15:59:55

The only thing I know of that has an error about not enough cache data being available is yum/dnf.

What did you do so far? What were the exact errors you got, verbatim?
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