CentOS 7.9 on Servers HP Gen 11

Issues related to hardware problems
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CentOS 7.9 on Servers HP Gen 11

Post by vico73 » 2024/03/03 05:33:39

I need temporarily to run CentOS or RH 7.9 on a server HP Gen 11.
While I know ot is not certified I would ask the community olif there is any experience and what problems are observed.

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Re: CentOS 7.9 on Servers HP Gen 11

Post by TrevorH » 2024/03/03 12:28:39

I doubt if there are many people attempting to run a nearly 10 year old distribution on hardware from today so you may not get any responses. Quicker to boot it and try it and find out but be prepared to find things that don't work. If it boots - which it might not - then check to see if all processor cores are seen, check that the network interfaces are all present and have drivers, possibly you have a RAID controller but if that isn't working then you won't be able to install as there'll be no disks present.

If nothing else works then install a newer, supported, distro and run CentOS 7 in a VM.
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