Issue with Nvidia drivers.

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Issue with Nvidia drivers.

Post by Michael852 » 2021/02/04 10:37:23

At the point when I attempted to introduce Nvidia drivers after clean upgrad of my CentOS 6 box to v7,
however with no achievement. Did anybody attempted to introduce most recent 340.24 drivers effectively?

my technique was equivalent to in C6

- blacklist nouveau
- modify grub2 kernel boot options to prevent nouveau from loading at boot time
- init 3
- run Nvidia installer (no errors, successful building of modules)
- reboot

X will not start, with error message in log Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module

thank you for help

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Re: Issue with Nvidia drivers.

Post by TrevorH » 2021/02/04 14:29:26

There is no upgrade from CentOS 6 to 7.

Use kmod-nvidia from ELRepo - or better still install their nvidia-detect package and run `nvidia-detect` to make sure it is the right package for your card and that you don't need to use the legacy nvidia drivers.

If you use the nvidia installer you will have to rerun it for each and every kernel update.
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