Centos 7.9 - unsupported CPU issue

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Ricky Rocker
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Centos 7.9 - unsupported CPU issue

Post by Ricky Rocker » 2021/01/13 20:09:38

About 2 months ago I purchased a new machine with an Intel CPU and after a number of CentOS patches - it is currently running CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core) - kernel 3.10.0-1160.6.1.el7.x86_64 - I continue to see the following on cold boot:

First I see this warning displayed:
1_bootWarning.png (23.97 KiB) Viewed 217 times
Then boot starts and fails with the following message:
2_bootKernelPanic.png (51.71 KiB) Viewed 217 times
The reason I have waited 60 days before contacting this forum was the hope that a CentOS update would remove the problem

...but the problem persists.

And so I'm not sure whether this will ever be fixed, or if I'm missing something obvious.

Any input would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Re: Centos 7.9 - unsupported CPU issue

Post by chemal » 2021/01/15 00:40:49

7 is already beyond the point where it gets support for new hardware and your cpu is officially unsupported and will ever be. That doesn't mean it can't just work. From your pictures I can only see that it doesn't work with (some version of) VirtualBox and Windows as the host OS. Which version of VirtualBox? Does the installer boot on the bare hardware?

Ricky Rocker
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Re: Centos 7.9 - unsupported CPU issue

Post by Ricky Rocker » 2021/01/15 12:52:08

Thanks for the input chemal!

A few comments:
1. Annoyingly, we are running VB 6.0.24 because of problems with the 6.1.x branch guest additions "taking over" the TigerVNC copy and paste Ticket #19711. I will try to install the latest VB (currently 6.1.16) and see whether this resolves the issue. (will post outcome here)

2. Unfortunately I can't do a bare bones install because the machine is as you say running windows as the host and I can't change this.

3. Question: We aren't at the moment looking at upgrading to CentOS 8 due to our understanding of centos 8 early eol in 2021. That being said, as support for CentOS 7 is due to continue to 2024, does that not entail support for various hardware forms released prior to 2024?

thanks again

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Re: Centos 7.9 - unsupported CPU issue

Post by TrevorH » 2021/01/15 13:00:01

No, RHEL has various phases of support and the first phase where they add new functionality and hardware support is sadly over.
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