rndc command is not working on my server

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rndc command is not working on my server

Post by Dunner1991 » 2020/09/24 19:32:00

Hi All, while I am not new to linux I am by no means an Admin and I have recently begun to tackle the bind suite of tools.

I have 4 servers which act as DNS servers for our customers. Each server has bind installed.

Recently I have come across an issue where ip netns exec gi (using namespaces to separate DNS from mgmt traffic) rndc reload/status/querylog does not work on one of the servers while it works on the other servers.

I do not mean It returns an error code, it simply does nothing.

[root@server ]# ip netns exec gi rndc reload
[root@server ]# ip netns exec gi rndc status
[root@server ]# ip netns exec gi rndc querylog
[root@server ]#

I do not believe it is related to namespaces as if i run

[root@server]# rndc reload

i get the same

I have been trying multiple ways to get it to work but I do not succeed, has anyone run into the same issue or know any ways around this

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Re: rndc command is not working on my server

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/25 16:22:05

rndc talks to Is it listening on that port?
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